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What is the Branding Club?

Silverlight Studios Branding Club is a cost-efficient means for small business owners, bloggers and social media managers to have fresh images with a quick turnaround to represent their brand. Mini-sessions geared specifically towards entrepreneurs!

How does it work?

You decide what level of membership you'd like, based on your needs. I will set up a number of shoot dates and times each month in various locations from studios to coffee shops, and outdoors. You choose the sessions that fit your brand, let me know you're coming and show up for the shoot! Each member will have their own album link in which their photos will be uploaded to. I will have an estimated turnaround of 48 hours, depending on how many clients come to the session.

What kind of photos will be taken?

There will be a monthly head shot sessions in various locations. There will be "activity" sessions that are more geared towards a candid/lifestyle type shoot, perfect for adding some of your personal touches. There will be shoots that will be ideal for showcasing your products or services. The beauty of this is that you can really do anything you want within your specified time, as long as the space allows for it! (ie: no pets or outside food if shooting in a cafe, but bring your pooch to a studio or outdoor session if you like!)

Will you have a referral program?

Heck yes! For every person you refer that signs up, you will get a bonus session added to your existing membership!

Can I try a session before I commit?

Sure! Pay the drop in rate ($60) and if you decide to sign up within a week of the session, the drop in fee will be applied to your membership for that month.

Membership Level: Light 
Rate: $100/month
Includes: Up to 2 sessions per month. Additional sessions available at $50 each.
Who this is for: Perfect for start ups who need some head shot updates, and maybe a professional product shot on occasion.

Membership Level: Savvy
Rate: $200/month
Includes: Up to 4 sessions per month. Additional sessions $35 each
Who this is for: Perfect for bloggers, consultants, and businesses with more than 2 employees or multiple products.

Membership Level: Elite
Rate: $350/month
Includes: Priority Booking. Up to 8 sessions per month. Additional sessions: $25 each
Who this is for: Models and online influencers who need lots of variety and content, businesses wanting to showcase multiple employees or products.


A session consists of 15 minutes of continuous camera time and a minimum of 3 edited images, to a maximum of 5 per session. If booking multiple sessions on the same day (to accommodate multiple wardrobe changes or people, please let us know ahead of time!


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